Visual Representation for COVID-19 virus
Visual Representation for COVID-19 virus

Flu resurgence grips US: Health authorities vigilant as Influenza A takes the lead!

United States: A fresh wave of flu infections has raised concerns among health officials nationwide. The latest report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates a rebound in cases after a decline following the winter holidays.

Flu activity has intensified in certain US regions, notably the Midwest and South-Central areas. Notably, the positivity rate surged to 16.2 percent at the time of the report, up from 14.2 percent the previous week.

Influenza A remains predominant, with cases on the rise, particularly the 2009 H1N1 subtype, accounting for 60.4 percent of samples. At the same time, cases of H3N2 and influenza B have also seen a slight uptick by the week ending February 2.

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Despite the increase in case percentages, hospital and outpatient clinic visits for flu or flu-like symptoms have held steady, according to However, the majority of infections are found among individuals aged 5 to 24 years, and surprisingly, flu-related deaths decreased by the week ending February 2.

A post-holiday surge in flu cases is not uncommon. It can range from a significant uptick to a slight increase before the season settles. Predicting the severity and duration of the flu season remains a challenge for experts, as reported by CNN.

In terms of COVID-19, cases have seen a slight rise in certain regions, including the Midwest, South, and parts of the Northeast. However, hospital admissions and emergency department visits have declined compared to the previous week.

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Additionally, health experts have noted the emergence of a new lineage of the virus with over 100 mutations, which has become dominant in South Africa.