Visual Representation for measles infection | Credits: iStock/Getty Images
Visual Representation for measles infection | Credits: iStock/Getty Images

Measles cases surge across 16 US states, health authorities sound alarm!

United States: The United States is witnessing a worrying surge in measles cases, with 41 reported instances spread across 16 states, according to the latest data from the CDC.

The CDC’s weekly publication revealed this uptick, noting an increase from the earlier count of 35 cases across 15 states as of February 22.

Michigan was the latest addition to the list of affected states, according to the federal health agency.

Steep Rise in Measles Cases!

Health agencies report that this surge in cases marks one of the steepest increases in recent history. Concerns loom as experts fear a repeat of the widespread outbreaks seen in 2019.

Expert Response to the Surge

Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, head of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, expressed concern during a panel meeting, stating, “The trajectory of measles cases is alarming.”

Dr. Daskalakis emphasized the importance of vaccination in preventing the disease and urged communities across the US to prioritize vaccination efforts.

Increasing Concerns and Global Impact

Health officials highlight growing concerns about measles infections, particularly as vaccination rates decline. The interconnectedness of the global community poses risks, with importations of the disease leading to larger outbreaks in areas with low vaccination coverage.

Affected States

The CDC reports suspected or confirmed cases across 16 states:








Visual Representation for rashes caused due to Measles | Credits: Getty Images




New Jersey

New York City





Measles Cases Overview

The first case was reported in Pennsylvania, followed by outbreaks in New Jersey and Missouri. Cases in Virginia and Maryland were linked to travelers passing through Dulles International Airport. Georgia reported cases linked to travel to the Middle East.

The rise in cases underscores the importance of vaccination efforts and heightened vigilance to curb the spread of measles across the US.