Loss of Five Lives in Gaza Due to Oxygen Supply Disruption Amid Israeli-Hamas Conflict | Credits: AFP
Loss of Five Lives in Gaza Due to Oxygen Supply Disruption Amid Israeli-Hamas Conflict | Credits: AFP

Gaza Crisis Update: Loss of Five Lives Due to Oxygen Supply Disruption Amid Israeli-Hamas Conflict

Gaza continues to grapple with escalating crises amidst the conflict with Israel, with new catastrophic events unfolding daily. Recently, five individuals receiving intensive care treatment lost their lives following the halt in oxygen provision.

All five patients were admitted to the main hospital in Gaza’s southern region, now under Israeli control. Following these fatalities, scenes of panic gripped the hospital, according to health officials cited by the Associated Press.

Israeli troops are reportedly stationed at the hospital to search for Gazan hostages allegedly held by Hamas militants. The military announced the detention of several individuals from the facility, suspected of involvement in Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

Representation for health officials running to save life of a Gazan | Credits: WHO

Efforts to broker a truce in Gaza appear stalled, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vehemently opposing US proposals for the post-war period, particularly the idea of establishing a Palestinian state. According to reports, Netanyahu conveyed Israel’s rejection of international mandates regarding a permanent resolution with the Palestinians after a discussion with US President Joe Biden.

Panic at Main Hospital

Israeli forces recently surrounded and entered Nasser Hospital in Gaza, part of a series of hospital incursions during the ongoing conflict. Israel alleges that Hamas is utilizing these facilities for military purposes, though this claim remains unverified independently.

The military asserts having “credible intelligence” of hostages held within the hospital, but no evidence has been found thus far, as per reports from the Associated Press.

The situation has severely impacted Gaza’s healthcare sector, with ongoing searches, arrests, and allegations against hospital staff. The Gaza Health Ministry attributes patient deaths to electricity shortages, holding Israel accountable. International law prohibits the targeting of medical facilities, underscoring Israel’s responsibility as the occupying power to safeguard these institutions.